Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Monday, January 14, 2013

You'll Love This Zombie Tutu, Even if You Don't Have a Brain!

Okay--I was thinking maybe, "This Zombie Tutu Will Eat You For Lunch" or, "This Zombie Tutu is Happy to Meat You."  I don't know, it's Monday and all of my cleverness was spent up already giving math tests to lots and lots of first graders!
But, the good news is, the Zombie Tutu is done!  I think it turned out just as I had imagined it!  Here are a few pics, though it will look even more awesome when my sister models it for me (hopefully next weekend!)
Zombie tutu, zombie on the left, human on the right

It has 8 layers of tulle and I used 8 different colors.  The tutu consists of the "human" side and the "zombie" side.  On the human side, we have a nice white, then, light pink, then pink, then shocking pink transition, while on the zombie side, it goes from black to plum, to wine, to red--blood red.  And the sides are not exactly cut in half either.  I wanted them to melt into each other so the two pieces overlap.

This is the bottom of the tutu with the red on the zombie side and the shocking pink on the human side.

A lot of college students are playing Zombies v. Humans, where they literally run around and try to "kill" each other, like tag or something, I don't quite get it.  Wouldn't this be a great costume for that?  I have heard of teenagers having zombie parties, too.  How fun would it be to show up in this?  Even if you just want to wear something interesting to a concert or out on the town, this is definitely going to catch a lot of attention.  I can make it in any size or length.  This one has a variety of lengths from 12 inches down to 6 inches, which creates a poofy-effect, but I can make it however your tween/teenager likes.  Or maybe it's for you! Feeling a little un-dead these days?
What do you think??

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