Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Indian Princess Tutu Dress Has Been Adopted!

It's funny how we become attached to certain items that we make.  Shortly after I opened my Etsy store, I realized that there were a ton of tutu shops similar to mine and I needed to find a way to make mine stand out. Affordable prices, friendly customer service, quick shipping--these were all ways I knew I could find some loyal customers.  But I thought I needed something to make my designs stand out as well. After much thought, I created my first woven-bodice tutu dress.  I didn't like how so many tutu dresses had a practically see through bodice and I wanted to create a way for little girls to look gorgeous without having to worry about letting it all hang out.  It was fall, the leaves were changing.  Naturally, I began to think in terms of fall colors. I came up with the Indian Princess Tutu Dress one night around 2:00 AM when I just couldn't sleep. I was using crotchet-elastic waistbands in my tutus. It seemed fairly simple to weave the tulle through the top and make the bodice solid.  I also thought braiding the tulle and ribbon would add an extra layer or texture and make the tutu more unique. I considered sewing the braids together but I decided that would make the tutu less stretchy and therefore limit the size of the girl who could wear it.  So I decided to leave the braids loose.  It took hours upon hours to create the braids, weave the tulle through the bodice, and tie the layers and layers of tulle onto the crotchet elastic waistband.  Once the tutu was complete, I went back and secured everything by stitching it together. Then I had to create the belt and headband which also took a lot of thought and consideration. I didn't want them to be ordinary either.  After a few weeks of contemplation  work, more contemplation, and a lot more work, the Indian Princess Tutu was complete.
This tutu became even more special to me when I decided to try and do the photo shoot on my own. My husband was away that weekend and I really wanted to get the photo posted on Etsy before it was too late in the season.  My five year old has special needs and I wasn't sure if I would be able to handle the photo shoot on my own but I wanted to give it a try.  With a lot of bribery and coaxing, I was able to get my girl into the dress (the headband was about enough to make me throw in the towel!) and get her outside. I was afraid to take her too far from the house because, if she had a meltdown, I wanted to be able to get her back inside without hurting her or the tutu.  But it didn't matter.  She had so much fun walking in the leaves with no shoes on, she was a perfect little Indian Angel.  We didn't spend a lot of time and I only took about six shots, but it was enough.  I was particularly happy with a gorgeous shot of my girl smiling. It didn't show the dress very well but it showed the headband--and who could resist taking a second look at such a beautiful little face?
One of my favorite pictures of Imma!

The back of the Autumn Indian Princess Tutu

The shadow may be distracting to some people, but all I see is my beautiful girl!

I posted the dress in late October and knew if it didn't sell pretty quickly, it would probably be here for a while.  When it hadn't sold by Thanksgiving, I packed it up.  I reduced the price, too, because I thought I would rather have it in the hands of a little girl who loved it than sitting in my closet.  But it continued to sit in it's own plastic bin in the closet for December, January, and half of February. Until a few days ago when I got a conversation alert from Etsy.  Someone was interested in the Indian Princess Tutu!  I couldn't believe it!  After all, it was almost Valentine's Day.  But this wonderful mommy was planning a photo shoot and thinking about pageants, etc. so it was perfect for what she needed.  There's just one hitch, she needed it quickly, and she didn't live in the same country as me!  I never realized how costly it was to ship internationally until I started selling items on Etsy.  We were able to work it out and she was so kind and sweet that I just had to send her little girl another one of my favorite tutus, the Sky blue tutu I posted a few weeks ago.  Through the process of selling this tutu, I got to know a wonderful family with a super talented little princess and make a new friend.  This is the second time I feel I've really connected with a family through Etsy and I am still amazed that something as simple as selling a dress can bring people together so quickly and naturally.
The Sky Blue tutu, one of my favorites, on it's way through customs!

As for the Indian Princess tutu, I have no doubt it will be well loved and taken care of. I know it sounds like I've place a puppy or kitten in a new home but when you invest so much time, thought, and energy into creating something so meaningful, you end up connecting in a way that is almost inexplainable. This is why I love designing and creating so much. It's like taking a little piece of yourself, turning into something tangible, and then waiting for the perfect person to come along and say, "Oh, that's what I've been missing!" What could be more rewarding than that?
I will always have the memories of the photo shoot with my princess and hopefully I'll always have the pictures as well.  Now a new family has the opportunity to make some wonderful memories with the same tutu.  I hope I have the opportunity to share those photos with them as well but even if I don't I know my dress is in the perfect hands.

Friday, February 15, 2013

New Design Featuring Tulle Circles

You know those nifty little tulle circles people sometimes use for gifts, or to put the rice in at weddings? Well, for months I've been thinking about a way I could incorporate them into a tutu design.  I finally came up with something yesterday. Here it is!
Circle tulle tutu with rhinestone trim
I love this emerald color of rhinestones!

What do you think?  I sewed them on in layers and then hid the stitches--sort of--with rhinestones.  This one is a size newborn and I think it would look so sweet on a little bitty baby with a big flower headband.  The circles come in just about every color and I think I'm going to try making some more tutus with them. I think they could be turned into leaves pretty easily, too, so a flower skirt would be really cute. And just in time for spring! It would look really cute over a more traditional tutu or as an apron.  My new model is a little too wide at the waist for such a little tutu to lay just right, but I thought it would look better on her than on the table.
Speaking of my new wire mannequin friend,  I think she needs a name.  Any suggestions?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spreading the Blogger Love!

Happy Heart's Day, Y'All!! I hope you have had a lovely day! As an elementary school teacher, this has been a day full of hugs, sticky fingers, and very excited, sugared up children!!
In order to show my appreciation for my wonderful blog readers, I have set up a special coupon code for my Etsy store.  You can get 25% off any and all items by entering the code BLOGGERLOVE2013 at check-out.  I'll be leaving it up all weekend so feel free to shop several times (ha!).  You don't have to sign up to follow my blog to use it or anything, just the fact that you took the time to read this post is enough to get you 25% off.
So, why not put your little princess in something snazzy?  Red, white, pink--these colors work all year long, not just in February!
Teen or tween tutu, Zombie inspired!

This little red and white dress works for many seasons!

Cinderella for Easter--why not?

Bohemian red and white tutu skirt--fabulous!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Someone's Having a Baby! (And No, It's Not Me!)

We found out today that someone very special to us is having a baby girl!  We knew she was going to have a baby but I was super excited when she announced it would be a little princess joining us this summer.  When I hear baby girl, I hear tutu!  So, as soon as I got home from work today, I started working on a special tutu for a very special little girl!  I was just thinking last night that it would be a lot of fun to do a tutu in pink and brown.  I used the shimmer tutu and a ribbon waist.  I think it turned out very cute, if I do say so myself.  I made a matching headband to go with it.  I'm really liking the poofy headbands these days.  I decided to put a bow in the middle instead of a button.
What do you think?
Close up of the headband

Tutu and matching headband

Pink and brown tutu

I am considering posting a listing on Etsy.  I think pink and brown will probably be big again this spring, it has been in the last few years.  Using the shimmer tulle makes it slightly more expensive to make so I'll probably list it at $15 instead of $10.
I also think I'm going to invest in a stand to display my tutus on for photos. I know that will look better than the floor and not all tutus fit my girls--and I can't always get them to cooperate either! Anyone have a suggestion as to the best kind to get or best place to get one?

Monday, February 11, 2013

To Infinity and Beyond

The last two days I've been trying to finish up an infinity scarf that I was really hoping to have done in time to list for Valentine's Day--clearly that isn't going to happen!  But I still think it's really pretty so I'll finish it up and list it in time for spring.  I really love this light pink color and the yarn is very soft and fluffy.
When I make infinity scarves I always struggle with the length and the width.  I am always afraid I'm going to make it too short to loop around your neck twice or too long to loop it so that it looks good.  And then I'm afraid it'll be too wide for it to be looped multiple times or too thin. . . . so many problems with the infinity scarf! I hope I can figure out the exact length and width that is perfect for what I'm trying to do and then just replicate it.
This one may be a little long but it isn't too wide--yet!  I will list it at $10 when it's done. I don't do any fancy stitches with my infinity scarves so I don't price them as high as some other people who can do a lot more interesting things than I can.  But it's pretty and it'll keep you warm!
The infinity scarf, in progess
Like a pink marshmallow cloud!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Crissy Cardone, a Facebook follower! She is the winner of the custom tutu giveaway.  Crissy, please message me so I can start working on your tutu!

Crafter, Crafters, Everywhere!

Today on an average trip to an average super store, I met a not so average cashier and I really hope she take my advice!
I used to give my mom a hard time because she would start talking to just about anyone who would listen--and these were usually people who had no choice because they could not run away, such as cashiers, people  who man toll booths, coma patients, basically people who can't physically flee, or make an excuse, though I wouldn't be too surprised if one of those coma patients didn't reach over and pull his or her own plug halfway through one of my mom's stories.
I'm kidding! (Mostly.)
At any rate, I felt a little like my Dear Ol'Mom this afternoon at my local superstore when I struck up a conversation with the cashier.  We started talking about my daughter who was with me, which lead to the topic of blogging, which lead to the topic of this blog and my tutus, which caused her to mention that she also crafts.  My question was, of course, "What do you make?"  It turns out she makes absolutely gorgeous cloth flowers. She showed me some pictures of them on her phone and, I'm telling you, they are stunning.  She is extremely talented! I mean, I've seen some similar products but this woman takes it well beyond your average decorative flower!
She said she'd been thinking about opening an Etsy store and I told her she absolutely must.  I also told her that, when she does, she should contact me because having friends on Etsy is a very good thing! I didn't have my card with me so I wrote my shop name down for her (the guy behind me was loving this, by the way, as you can imagine--roll eyes, look at watch---so I tried to hurry!) on a scrap piece of paper.  I really hope she opens a shop because I think people will really love he work.  I can even see purchasing some of her flowers and incorporating them into my work.
I'm always happy to find new creative people. It makes me feel better about the world, better about our futures.  It's nice to know that, even with all of the technology we have and all the options for entertaining, many people just prefer to make something with their hands.  There's not a much better feeling than completing a project that turns out exactly how you'd envisioned it, or better.
I think I made my last Valentine's Day tutu and headband for the season today. If you still want to order and you live very close by (in Texas) I can probably get you something in time if I get the order today. A wonderful customer in Missouri placed her third order today and I'm super excited about how the headband turned out in particular.
Final Valentine's tutu for 2013?

With matching headband
Just the right amount of poof!

Yet another reminder that I am giving away a tutu this evening at 9:00 Central time (2/10/2013.)  It's a custom tutu--whatever you want!  To enter follow this blog (5 entries) like me on Facebook or Twitter (1 entry each) and share my Facebook post about the givewawy (2 entries.) One of my sweet friends already has 8 entries so she's gonna be tough to beat!!
If I find the "flower lady" I will link you up to her. She's amazing!!