Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Did it Myself!! Rhinestone Transfer Templates!

I'm very proud of myself--can you tell? I was able to figure out how to create my own rhinestone transfer templates, lay down the rhinestones myself, transfer (as usual) and actually make it look like I had envisioned it to!  And I figured out something else that will BLOW YOUR MIND!! Okay, well, it blew my mind--but I'll save that for last!
For Christmas I asked for some loose rhinestones and transfer tape. I wasn't sure at the time what I was going to do about a template but I do my best creative thinking when I am half asleep so last night it came to me--just use the printer and a sharpie! So, that's what I did!  I typed up my message, used a sharpie so that it would bleed through the paper and made dots on it, and then flipped it over and started laying down the stones. The stones I got were 3 mm and I just used regular tweezers to lay them down.  I wasn't sure if it was going to be straight or even legible while I was working but I was pretty happy with it when I was finished.

I used regular tweezers to manipulate the rhinestones.

My bag of rhinestones!
It was easier to dump several out.  Hard to believe I would have a Pooh Bear plate at my house!

Placing the stones on the template.  Can you see what it says?
The rest of my message!

What it looks like before I remove the backing to iron it on.
Finished product!  Sorry it's sideways--could not figure it out. If you have a laptop, just turn it. If you're on a PC, might be a bit harder!

Do you all understand what this means?  I can make anything!  ANYTHING!!  All of you who keep asking me if I could make a (blank) for (blank) and I'm like uhhh--YES!  I can! So, bring them on!  Who needs a "First Birthday" shirt?  Who needs the name of their school or mascot?  Who needs their company name? How about an "I Heart Pooky" shirt for Valentine's Day? You dream it up, I can make it!  (As long as it isn't copyrighted.  I can make "generic blond fairy in green outfit" but not Tinkerbell.)
But as earth-shattering as that is--and it's pretty earth-shattering--look what else I figured out!
Again, not such a good pic.  Can you see what it is?  It's rinestones on tulle!  RHINESTONES ON TULLE!! Do you know what this means?  I can bling up my tutus!  I can put snowflakes on that Periwinkle tutu!  I can put hearts on those Valentine's tutus!  Maybe other people are doing this but I've never seen it. I've seen a rhinestone here and there but never a pattern or an object.   In fact, I had a very experienced tutu-maker tell me not so long ago that it wasn't possible.  Oh, yes, it is!  
So, are you as excited as I am?? The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Oh, and don't forget about my giveaway!! See previous post to find out how you can enter (or just follow this blog, or like me on Facebook!)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Giveaway!!-New Year, New Giveaway!

It's time for my first giveaway of the new year!! I am giving away a custom tutu skirt to one lucky winner Sunday night at 9:00 PM Central time. You choose the length, color(s), and waist.  And shipping is included!
You could choose one like this:
My most popular Valentine's Day tutu!

Or this:
Merida inspired tutu from Disney's Brave
Or even this:
Very popular Periwinkle tutu from Disney's Secret of the Wings
You name it, I'll make it.  And it will be in the mail Tuesday so you won't have to wait forever to get your prize!

Entering is simple and there are several ways to do so.  You can even enter multiple times!
Easiest way:  Like me on Facebook  (click on link!) If you've already liked Glitter and Tulle Boutique on Facebook, then just head on over and like my post about this giveaway or leave a comment and you'll be entered!
Another Easy Way:  Follow me on this blog!  If you already follow me on this blog, you are automatically entered in the giveaway!
Another Fairly Easy Way: Leave a comment on this blog!  If you already follow me, it's super easy to leave a comment and that's another entry!
Another Pretty Easy Way: Tweet it!  Tweet about this giveaway and make sure you put @glittertulle so I know you tweeted it. If you follow me on Twitter, you can just RT my post about this giveaway.
If you don't follow me on Twitter and you become a follower and mention this giveaway, that's another way to enter!
HARDEST WAY (are you up for a challenge?): Tell your Facebook friends about the giveaway and ask them to start following me on Facebook. If they start following me on Facebook, that's an entry for them and if they leave your name, an entry for you.
IMPOSSIBLE WAY: Do nothing--miss out on a gorgeous tutu for a little princess in your life who would love you forever if you got her a free tutu! (Just sayin')
As always, thank you for visiting my blog and for your continued support! And have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Valentine's Tutus Revealed!!

Here they are!  You've seen the two gowns on Sneak Peek Sunday but here are the rest of my gorgeous Valentine's Day Tutus!  Now, I know you are thinking, "OMG, it's barely January--who in their right mind is thinking about Valentine's Day??"  Well, I am!  And if you have a little girl, she probably is, too! Let's face it, we have to have something to look forward to!  And while these tutus are definitely meant for the day we celebrate all things LOVEly  they will work for everyday Princessness as well!  So, without further ado. . . .

Queen of Hearts, Ribbon and Boa Bodice, 6 layers, 18 inches. Can customize length, size, colors. Available on etsy, $50

Valentine's Red, 6 layers, tulle bodice, 18 inches.  Available now on etsy for $40

Glittery pink tutu skirt, made of fuchsia and pink-glitter tulle, 12 inches, crotchet elastic waist. Available on etsy for only $10!

Pixie tutu in light pink and fuchsia.  6 inches, crotchet-elastic waist. Available on etsy for only $8! Can customize length, colors, etc.

Soft rose tutu skirt, 18 inches, crotchet-elastic waist.  Can customize color (I have 6 shades of pink!) length, waist. Available on etsy for $10!

Tri-colored Valentine's tutu skirt.  12 inches in white, shocking pink, and red. Crotchet-elastic waist. Can customize color, length, and substitute ribbon waist.  Available on etsy for only $10

More pictures also available on etsy.  I will also be adding these to ArtFire and Bonanza if you prefer to shop on one of those sites.  You can literally check out from this blog on the ArtFire tab on the right or directly from my Facebook page from the ArtFire kiosk.  How simple is that?  I can ship next day but don't wait!  It will be Valentine's Day before you know it and your little princess is gonna want to shine!
Thank you so much for viewing my new designs. I'm super excited about all of these beautiful pieces and I hope they made you smile!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shabby-chic Tutu is Finally FINISHED!!

After a month . . .

Of working on this tutu . . .

Every spare moment . . .

Of every day . . .

It is finally finished . . .

And I LOVE IT!!!!!

Available on etsy for $75.  This one takes a long time to make so I can't guarantee next day shipping but I'll do my best to get it out within one week. It's made of literally thousands and thousands of pieces of tulle hand-tied onto a ribbon core, the same way I make my boas.  The ribbon is tied onto the crotchet-elastic waist before the tulle is tied on so the ribbon won't come off.  As always, I can customize color, length, size, etc.  You name it, I can make it (as long as it's a tutu!!)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trendy New Colors for 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! Here's a look at some new tutus I just put together this week!

Rumor has it Peacock colors are still going to be huge in 2013.  This tutu is made of high quality tulle in hunter green, emerald, royal blue, Copenhagen blue, teal, purple, shimmery green, shimmery purple, and glittery gold!  Phew!

This tutu is 9 inches in length and fits size 3T-4T but I can customize it to length and size.

The shimmer and glitter tulle gives it a lovely shine while the bold colors of the rest of the skirt really draw in the eye.

Dance class just got interesting!  Available on etsy, ArtFire, and Bonanza, $20.

This next tutu was inspired by Disney's Secret of the Wings.  We've watched it about 400 times since Christmas!  Tinkerbell finds her long lost sister, Periwinkle. We love Periwinkle, and so will your little Fairy Princess!

Periwinkle's out-fit is light blue and white, and so is this gorgeous, glittery tutu. Made with high-quality light blue tulle, white glitter tulle, and shimmery aqua tulle, it's 6 layers of gorgeousness!

The waist is a crotchet-elastic band which will stretch to fit a newborn to size 5T.  A light-blue ribbon accent completes the look.  I can create this same tutu at any length or size, with a ribbon waist or the same crotchet-elastic band.

Periwinkle is sure to be popular in 2013 and your little girl will be ahead of the trend when she wears this beautiful, shimmery tutu.  Available on etsy, ArtFire, and Bonanza for just $12!!

If your little girls are like mine, they are still enthralled with Merida.  We can't get enough of the red-headed princess from Disney's Brave.  This is my second version of the Merida tutu.  The first is solid hunter green and can be viewed on etsy, ArtFire and Bonanza for $10 (modeled by my cute little Lucy!) This one is longer, at 9 inches, and has 4 layers instead of 2.  It's made of high quality tulle in hunter green, emerald green, Copenhagen blue, and royal blue.

This tutu has a ribbon waist and fits sizes 3T-4T but I can custom make any tutu in any length and size.
The colors compliment each other beautifully.  Your little princess will love dressing up like Princess Merida. Available on etsy, ArtFire, and Bonanza for $15.

Here's a shot of the original.  Available on etsy, ArtFire and Bonanaza for $10.

When I first saw this color, Copenhagen blue, I thought it looked exactly like the night sky in winter, just as the sun is about to disappear and the stars start to fill the heavens with light. I love it and I had to make a solid tutu in this gorgeous color.
This tutu is created on a ribbon waist of light-blue satin but it is available on the crotchet-elastic waist as well.
The soft and flowing tulle is 9 inches in length and will fit size 3T-4T but I can customize it to fit any little girl.  My daughter will definitely be wearing a tutu this color to dance class and she's sure to stand-out.  It truly is a stunning tutu!  Available only on ArtFire for $10.

I will be posting pics of Valentine's tutus on Thursday, January 3rd!

Monday, December 31, 2012

5 Celebs I'd Like to See in a Tutu in 2013

Okay, when I say "celeb," I use that term loosely.  By "celeb" I mean people who are currently more famous than I am, people who the general population will recognize by picture if not by name, people who may or may not be 14 1/2 minutes into their 15 minutes of fame. Nevertheless, I would be more than happy to make a tutu for any of these people if they would be willing to wear it.  Why?  Why would I want to put these people in a tutu?  I'm glad you asked. . . .
1) Desmond Tutu--This one is pretty obvious.  First of all, what better spokesperson could a tutu boutique possibly have than a very famous person named Tutu?  Every time I "search engine" the word "tutu" I end up with at least a few articles about him, not about the beautiful skirts I was really looking for.  So, let's put him in a tutu, take his picture, and proclaim "Glitter and Tulle Boutique the official tutu shop of the Anglican Church of South Africa." P.S. I am not at all saying I think of Mr. Tutu as a "celebrity" in the same way I do most of the other people on this list and I have the utmost respect for Mr. Tutu.  I also happen to think he has the most awesome name ever and if I wasn't already married, I would probably accept a proposal from him just so I could be Amy Tutu.
Photo by Martin Meissner/AP

2) Harry Styles--Only a real man would wear a tutu on stage in their boy band.  I mean, come on, did Donny Wahlberg ever do it?  Justin Timberlake?  Some other guy from one of the other boy bands that we don't remember and can't name?  No.  So, if Harry--who also has a pretty cool last name--is willing to strut his stuff on stage in one of my tutus, I'd be willing to admit, "that's what makes you beautiful," Mr. Styles.
Photo courtesy of

3) Abby Lee Miller--Come on, she's a dancer, isn't she? Or she used to be? I think, if she were wearing one of my tutus, she would be so happy that her disposition would completely change and then she could bring the love and joy back into dance.  Just think, no more yelling and screaming, just happy dancing little girls in their gorgeous flowing tutus.
Photo courtesy of Lifetime Television

4) Honey Boo Boo--My slogan is, "Making every little girl feel like a Princess, one tutu at a time."  Honey Boo Boo is a little girl, ergo, she should have one of my tutus!  I know that Honey Boo Boo has thousands of adorable gowns and princess dresses but I'd love to see her on stage in one of mine.  How could she possibly lose a pageant in one of my tutus? I do make a camo tutu.  She could go straight from the pageant to the back woods in that!
Photo by Getty Images

5) Psy--Nothing screams, "Hey, sexy  Korean man," like one of my tutus.  Move over Gangnam Style and make room for Glitter Style.  Need I say more?  And while we are on the topic of Psy, why not put Uncle Si in a tutu, too?
Photo by Jordan Strauss, AP/Invasion

Photo courtesy of Duck Dynasty

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Valentine's Dresses--Sneak Peek!

As promised, here is a sneak peek at two of the Valentine's dresses I'll be listing on January 3.  It's never too early to start planning ahead!
Queen of Hearts Valentine's Gown, by Glitter and Tulle Boutique
This black and red dress I'm calling, "Queen of Hearts."  I love the black and red together.  It's such an eloquent look, whether your little girl is going to a Valentine's party in the evening, or a Daddy Daughter Dance.  It has a "feathered-tulle" top, like the "boa-bodice" gown, the black and blue one you may have seen in some of my pictures, but it has it's own unique ribbon design. The entire crotchet-elastic top is laced with ribbon, which are the length of the gown! This gives it an extra quality of glamour and ensures your daughter won't have to worry about her modesty.
Ribbon and feathered-tulle bodice, design unique to Glitter and Tulle Boutique
Our little model wasn't feeling too well today, so she had to be bribed with a "wowwy-pop."

This next tutu can be worn as a dress on the littler girls or a skirt on the taller ones.  It features a crotchet-elastic bodice woven with red tulle, which falls below the bodice and becomes part of the skirt.
Red Valentine's Gown by Glitter and Tulle Boutique
It can be worn with a belt, as shown here, or without, which makes it even puffier!  (If you haven't watched my tutorial about how to tame your tutu, you might want to for this one!  It has so many layers of tulle it tends to be very flowy!)

Woven tulle crotchet-elastic bodice
Again, my Valentine's gowns will not be officially listed on etsy, ArtFire, and Bonanza until 1/3, but you can order ahead of time by emailing me at  I can ship within 1-2 business days, even on custom orders.  Price for Queen of Hearts is $50 plus $7 shipping.  Price for Red Valentine's Gown is $40 plus $7 shipping. Other boutiques will list similar (though differently designed!) gowns starting at $80 but I only charge what I need to in order to be able to continue my passion of making tutus for little princesses.  I ship quickly, I have excellent customer service, and I will do what it takes to ensure you are completely satisfied!
Please contact me if you have any questions and check back on 1/3 for the rest of my gorgeous Valentine's designs!