Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Did it Myself!! Rhinestone Transfer Templates!

I'm very proud of myself--can you tell? I was able to figure out how to create my own rhinestone transfer templates, lay down the rhinestones myself, transfer (as usual) and actually make it look like I had envisioned it to!  And I figured out something else that will BLOW YOUR MIND!! Okay, well, it blew my mind--but I'll save that for last!
For Christmas I asked for some loose rhinestones and transfer tape. I wasn't sure at the time what I was going to do about a template but I do my best creative thinking when I am half asleep so last night it came to me--just use the printer and a sharpie! So, that's what I did!  I typed up my message, used a sharpie so that it would bleed through the paper and made dots on it, and then flipped it over and started laying down the stones. The stones I got were 3 mm and I just used regular tweezers to lay them down.  I wasn't sure if it was going to be straight or even legible while I was working but I was pretty happy with it when I was finished.

I used regular tweezers to manipulate the rhinestones.

My bag of rhinestones!
It was easier to dump several out.  Hard to believe I would have a Pooh Bear plate at my house!

Placing the stones on the template.  Can you see what it says?
The rest of my message!

What it looks like before I remove the backing to iron it on.
Finished product!  Sorry it's sideways--could not figure it out. If you have a laptop, just turn it. If you're on a PC, might be a bit harder!

Do you all understand what this means?  I can make anything!  ANYTHING!!  All of you who keep asking me if I could make a (blank) for (blank) and I'm like uhhh--YES!  I can! So, bring them on!  Who needs a "First Birthday" shirt?  Who needs the name of their school or mascot?  Who needs their company name? How about an "I Heart Pooky" shirt for Valentine's Day? You dream it up, I can make it!  (As long as it isn't copyrighted.  I can make "generic blond fairy in green outfit" but not Tinkerbell.)
But as earth-shattering as that is--and it's pretty earth-shattering--look what else I figured out!
Again, not such a good pic.  Can you see what it is?  It's rinestones on tulle!  RHINESTONES ON TULLE!! Do you know what this means?  I can bling up my tutus!  I can put snowflakes on that Periwinkle tutu!  I can put hearts on those Valentine's tutus!  Maybe other people are doing this but I've never seen it. I've seen a rhinestone here and there but never a pattern or an object.   In fact, I had a very experienced tutu-maker tell me not so long ago that it wasn't possible.  Oh, yes, it is!  
So, are you as excited as I am?? The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

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  1. Super cute! Everything is better with rhinestones! ;)


  2. Thanks, Lisa! Just visited your blog. Love it!! I'll be visiting often!