Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trendy New Colors for 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! Here's a look at some new tutus I just put together this week!

Rumor has it Peacock colors are still going to be huge in 2013.  This tutu is made of high quality tulle in hunter green, emerald, royal blue, Copenhagen blue, teal, purple, shimmery green, shimmery purple, and glittery gold!  Phew!

This tutu is 9 inches in length and fits size 3T-4T but I can customize it to length and size.

The shimmer and glitter tulle gives it a lovely shine while the bold colors of the rest of the skirt really draw in the eye.

Dance class just got interesting!  Available on etsy, ArtFire, and Bonanza, $20.

This next tutu was inspired by Disney's Secret of the Wings.  We've watched it about 400 times since Christmas!  Tinkerbell finds her long lost sister, Periwinkle. We love Periwinkle, and so will your little Fairy Princess!

Periwinkle's out-fit is light blue and white, and so is this gorgeous, glittery tutu. Made with high-quality light blue tulle, white glitter tulle, and shimmery aqua tulle, it's 6 layers of gorgeousness!

The waist is a crotchet-elastic band which will stretch to fit a newborn to size 5T.  A light-blue ribbon accent completes the look.  I can create this same tutu at any length or size, with a ribbon waist or the same crotchet-elastic band.

Periwinkle is sure to be popular in 2013 and your little girl will be ahead of the trend when she wears this beautiful, shimmery tutu.  Available on etsy, ArtFire, and Bonanza for just $12!!

If your little girls are like mine, they are still enthralled with Merida.  We can't get enough of the red-headed princess from Disney's Brave.  This is my second version of the Merida tutu.  The first is solid hunter green and can be viewed on etsy, ArtFire and Bonanza for $10 (modeled by my cute little Lucy!) This one is longer, at 9 inches, and has 4 layers instead of 2.  It's made of high quality tulle in hunter green, emerald green, Copenhagen blue, and royal blue.

This tutu has a ribbon waist and fits sizes 3T-4T but I can custom make any tutu in any length and size.
The colors compliment each other beautifully.  Your little princess will love dressing up like Princess Merida. Available on etsy, ArtFire, and Bonanza for $15.

Here's a shot of the original.  Available on etsy, ArtFire and Bonanaza for $10.

When I first saw this color, Copenhagen blue, I thought it looked exactly like the night sky in winter, just as the sun is about to disappear and the stars start to fill the heavens with light. I love it and I had to make a solid tutu in this gorgeous color.
This tutu is created on a ribbon waist of light-blue satin but it is available on the crotchet-elastic waist as well.
The soft and flowing tulle is 9 inches in length and will fit size 3T-4T but I can customize it to fit any little girl.  My daughter will definitely be wearing a tutu this color to dance class and she's sure to stand-out.  It truly is a stunning tutu!  Available only on ArtFire for $10.

I will be posting pics of Valentine's tutus on Thursday, January 3rd!


  1. Hi Amy!
    Wow, your girls are adorable!...especially in all that glitter and tulle :) My girls are older now but they would have loved to wear such pretty things when they were that age. Those are some lucky girls you got.

    Anyway, I saw you on Bloggy Moms and wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.
    Happy Blogging!

  2. Hi Dana!
    Thank you so much for stopping by! I am very excited about being part of the Bloggy Moms community! I will definitely be visiting your blog as well.
    Thank you for your compliments. Lucy loves to wear the tutus, Imma not so much . . . .
    Thank you!