Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Monday, February 17, 2014

What's In Your Head, Zombie? Apparently, Cotton!

I was absolutely thrilled when a customer purchased one of my Zombie tutus this weekend.  When I found out she actually makes really Creepy and Cute Zombie dolls, I was even more thrilled.  Then, I found out she's going to be wearing my tutu at an even this weekend promoting her shop.  Even better!
You may recall from my blog about this tutu that I wrote about this time last year, that the zombie tutu was more of a work of art than just a tutu.  It's made of 8 layers of tulle, one side representing the human side, the other the zombie side, with shades varying from already changed over to perfectly human.  I was very proud of the way it turned out.  I believe it tells a story all on it's own. So, it was very rewarding to have someone who loves zombies as much as Piper does also see the value in my creation.
My sister Braidi modeling the Zombie tutu

Piper's husband is a DJ on Culture Vulture radio. You should check it out!
Here is a banner and a link to her shop.

I'm not exactly sure what the fascination is with zombies. I know that they have obviously caught my attention lately, too. One of the best ways I have found to get my students to read is to let them choose their own book and lately, they've been choosing zombie books at almost every opportunity.  I think that Piper's dolls appeal to kids of all ages, even those who don't know what a zombie is.  They are fun, cute, and of course a little creepy.  Best of all, you get all of the great zombie features without that annoying zombie smell!
Please check out her shop if you get a chance!