Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spreading the Blogger Love!

Happy Heart's Day, Y'All!! I hope you have had a lovely day! As an elementary school teacher, this has been a day full of hugs, sticky fingers, and very excited, sugared up children!!
In order to show my appreciation for my wonderful blog readers, I have set up a special coupon code for my Etsy store.  You can get 25% off any and all items by entering the code BLOGGERLOVE2013 at check-out.  I'll be leaving it up all weekend so feel free to shop several times (ha!).  You don't have to sign up to follow my blog to use it or anything, just the fact that you took the time to read this post is enough to get you 25% off.
So, why not put your little princess in something snazzy?  Red, white, pink--these colors work all year long, not just in February!
Teen or tween tutu, Zombie inspired!

This little red and white dress works for many seasons!

Cinderella for Easter--why not?

Bohemian red and white tutu skirt--fabulous!

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