Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Princess Lolly Tutu: Creative Juices Flowing!

A very special customer has asked me to create a Princess Lolly Tutu for a birthday party. I must admit, I had no idea who that was.  But I know now!  This is Princess Lolly from Candyland:
Isn't she whimsical, fairy-like, awe-inspiring!  Wouldn't any little girl look just adorable in a Princes Lolly Tutu? Uhm, yes, but my customer is going to be 25 on her birthday! Yes, 5 and 20 more.  So, this makes it a little more challenging.  Not only does she have to look like Princess Lolly, still be whimsical, fairy-like, awe-inspiring, cute-as-a-button, she also has to look like an adult on a very special day!  So I also have to make her look stylish, fashionable, well, down right gorgeous!
So, the creative juices are flowing! I want to incorporate more purple than you can see in this picture. Some of the drawings I've seen of Lolly have more lavender in the skirt than this one.  And I need to keep the lollipops in as well, which is going to be challenging because I've never tried to make a lollipop out of tulle before.  Maybe I can use felt . . . hmmm. . . . These are my favorite types of projects because it pushes me to do things I've never done before.  Some of my best work has come from my refusal to tell a customer no. If I hadn't ever tried to make a tulle boa, I would have never made the boa-bodice dress, the Queen of Hearts with all of the tulle pieces around the top, or the Shabby Chic Rock'n'Roll tutu, which is both one of my favorites and also the biggest pain in my behind I've ever made!
I'm hoping to have Princess Lolly ready by early next week. The big photo shoot for the teen/tween line is this weekend! I'm super excited about that! I'm also working on one of the tutus recently won in a giveaway. Oh, did I say giveaway--yes, one of those coming up this weekend, too!  Lots of pics coming soon and your chance to be the next winner!

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