Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tulle Boas Are Toddler Resistant!

I created my tulle boas because a customer had a problem.  She is a party planner and she was tired of picking up feathers after her little princesses destroyed her boas. Feather boas just don't last. The feathers fall off easily and leave a mess.  Tulle boas are so much easier!  They last a lot longer, don't leave a mess behind, and can be used time and again.  Mine are even more durable because of the way they are constructed. Most tulle boas are made by taking a really long piece of tulle and running a thread through it, scrunching the tulle together. If the thread breaks, buy buy boa. Mine are hand-tied, which means that every single tiny piece of tulle is knotted onto a ribbon core. In order for the tulle to come off, you'd have to untie every single piece of untie the knot at the end of the ribbon and slide them all off, which would be very hard to do because of the way the end is knotted and concealed in the boa.  Since my first order of 6 tulle boas for the wonderful party planner, I've sold boas to other professionals, such as theater directors and photographers. It just makes sense, if you are in a business that needs sturdy props or if you have children like my little princess who want to look pretty but don't want a mess, why not invest a few dollars in a tulle boa?  They are inexpensive and last an extremely long time and you know they are hand-made with love.
This pink boa is one of Lucy's many accessories!

Imma really liked this red one on it's way to Missouri!

If Imma's willing to let me take her picture, you know it's a good piece!

Lu  was getting a little sassy!

This boa completes the look 
Smile for the camera, my little diva!
You can find the length to this product in my Etsy shop here.  Can you believe they are only $8?

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