Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Thursday, June 27, 2013

As Requested, Circus Ringmaster Tutu!

I got a message from a wonderful lady in North Carolina over the weekend wanting to know if I could make a ringmaster tutu for her 6 year old for Halloween.  I just love it when customers ask me if I can do something because I always say yes--even if I'm not sure--which means I have to figure it out.  She was very specific about what she wanted, which is always very helpful.  After some discussion, a lot of thought, and some major plans, I put together the Circus Ringmaster Tutu!
View from the front of the new Circus Ringmaster Tutu

A view from the side

The contrasting lengths add movement and texture

A few from the other side

It's obviously shorter in the front and longer in the back.  She asked for two layers in the front and multiple layers in the back but I actually added more layers to the front and a lot in the back.  If she doesn't like it this way it can be changed but I wanted it to be as spectacular as possible. I also added yards and yards of satin ribbon to give it some contrast.  I wanted to try it on a 6 year old to make sure it fit just right--luckily I have one of those, too.  You can tell from the pictures she was not as excited about this as I was.  She refused to change out of her pajamas and wouldn't smile so we got lots of headless shots.  I think it works for the purpose of showing fit, though it's certainly not the ideal picture for an Etsy listing, which you can find here. It will have to do for now!
Front view of Imma trying it on over her PJ's

View from the side

Back view of the Circus Ringmaster Tutu, as modeled by one angry 6 year old!

I was really surprised how few ringmaster tutus there are posted on Etsy.  I am hoping this will fill a void for more than one customer.
Can I also just say that I love that this mama is already planning ahead for Halloween? Now, that's my kind of mommy--or at least the kind I would like to be someday!
Are you thinking about Halloween yet? I bet your kids are, just ask them! ;) What can we turn your little cuties into this fall?  Message me if you'd like for me to start working on something special for your little prince or princess!
Imma let me take these new pictures this afternoon.  Love this girl!

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