Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Second Christmas!

My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas about three weeks ago. My answer? Tulle, of course!
What kind of tulle?  All kinds of tulle!  Regular tulle, glitter tulle, sparkly tulle. All kinds!
What color of tulle?  All colors of tulle!  Red and pink and green and blue and purple--all of them.  All of the colors!Well, it was a little late, but this arrived today.  Hard to complain about it being late when I opened it up and saw what was inside!
The box!!

Yards and yards of tulle in every color imaginable!

Close up of the yards and yards of tulle!
Even shimmer and glitter tulle!

Even more tulle!
It just keeps going!

Another layer of tulle!
It filled up an entire plastic bin!

And was practically over-flowing! (Tulle circles on top, neat!)
Well, at this point, there's only one thing for me to do.  Make tutus--lots and lots of tutus!  Any requests?  I've got every color you could possibly imagine and probably every shade, too!
Thanks, honey!!!  I'll see you in four months, when I am finally done making tutus.
Remember, sneak peek
of Valentine's tutus coming today!

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