Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Organization--the Key to Sanity!

Now that Christmas is over, I have a little bit of free time on my hands.  I say a little bit because, as many of you know, having two little girls is very demanding!  With time off from work, lots of new supplies, and a disastrously unorganized house, I found there was only one thing to do--reorganize! Here are some things I do to keep myself organized.  I hope they help you to stay organized, too.  If you have a great organizational idea, please post it in the comments.  You can leave an anonymous comment on this blog if you don't want to bother to sign in.

My sweet husband got me a ribbon organizer for Christmas.  It isn't big enough to fit my thicker rolls of satin but it did fit some of the ribbon I use for hair accessories.  I was able to stack the satin ribbon on the shelf and on top without it being too cluttery.  He also got me another ribbon spool holder but it was missing some pieces so I am hoping to move some of these bigger rolls onto that once he can exchange it.

It also has drawers so I put some more ribbon in there.

When that wasn't quite enough room (I have a lot of ribbon!) I utilized the drawer in our faux fireplace.  I prefer plastic shoe boxes but I also don't like to waist perfectly good objects so my ribbon will stay in this cardboard shoe box for now. My little sister got me this cute pink sewing box for Christmas.  I love it!  It has plenty of room for everything I need without being too bulky or heavy.

I have a ton of tulle and my husband ordered me some more for Christmas, but it hasn't arrived yet.  Still, knowing it was coming motivated me to re-organize my spools of tulle.  I find there's plenty of room under the shelves in my towel closet so that's where I keep my tulle.  Plastic bins are awesome for this. I would love to organize it by color but I've not quite gotten around to that yet.

I also picked up this cute vertical hanging sweater organizer from Target this summer.  It was $2.50.  Obviously, I am using it horizontally. It's a little wobbly on it's own so I put shoe boxes in it to stabalize it.  I use a lot of tulle and when I cut too much I don't like to throw it out so I keep it in a section of the pink organizer.  I can use it to make my boas.  I also have a section for extra ribbon. I just got a sewing machine for Christmas and some material so I started a section for items relating to sewing. I am a little nervous about that! And the final section is for hair accessories.  I use crotchet elastic headbands for the waists of many of my tutu's too so I have a lot of those.

I use this handy carrier to take with me to craft fairs and other places where I might need to work on the road.  It's very handy and holds a lot.  You can also see that I store my tulle bolts back here.  I don't get bolts often because I really don't like cutting the tulle both ways but when I do use tulle on the bolt I never unravel the whole thing because it's such a pain.  This way I can store it more easily.

You may have noticed some cardboard pieces stuck in the corner in the broader picture as well.  That isn't trash, believe it or not.  That's what I use to cut my tulle.  I keep cardboard in different lengths so that when I go to cut it I can just grab the cardboard in the correct length.

I have a lot of in-stock tutus, rhinestone t-shirts and hair accessories.  I like to make sure they are kept clean and organized so I have clear plastic tubs with lids in my closet.  When I finish an item I put it in one of these until I sell it. Hopefully it doesn't stay here too long!

I also have a closet in another section of the house where I keep all of the items that I only use occasionally  like yarn, scrapbooking paper, etc. I use plastic pull-out drawers for most of these items.  I find it makes it easier for me to get what I need without having to dig for too long.  Labels would probably be helpful as well but I like to move things around and I would constantly be re-labeling!

Again, I hope you have gotten some ideas from seeing how I store my "stuff."  I'd love to hear any of your great storage ideas!

We are also putting together our very first tutorial on how to keep your tutu from frizzing up!  Stay tuned for that--I'm a little nervous about getting in front of the camera but I think it'll be helpful!

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