Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Thursday, January 31, 2013

So Many T-Shirts, So Little Time

When I first opened my boutique on Etsy, I told my mom--ever the bargain shopper--to be on the look-out for good deals on quality items I could use.  I had her looking for ribbon, beads, headbands, t-shirts, basically anything I could use to create my tutus, hair accessories, dresses, wreaths, and bling t-shirts.  Well, when you ask my mom to shop, you better be prepared to add on an extra room to store everything in.  The box I got today had 20 t-shirts, a ton of ribbon, and some buttons in it.  I offer to pay her back but she always says to just give her stock options once my business goes public.  I always tell her not to hold her breath but I know that's just her way of being involved and helping me to be successful.  If there's one thing my mom is good at, it's finding good deals. If there's a second thing she's good at, it's passing the things she buys on to other people.
This is one shipment of t-shirts from my mother!

People ask me sometimes how I can afford to sell my rhinestone t-shirts at such a low price.  Sometimes they even ask if there is something wrong with the ones I have priced at $10 while other people are selling similar products at twice as much or more.  No, there's nothing wrong with them!  I just don't have to charge as much because I hardly ever buy my own t-shirts.  I charge more for t-shirts I do buy myself, ones with more expensive rhinestone transfers, and the ones I custom design myself. If it's a shirt my mom bought, I usually charge for the cost of the rhinestones, shipping, and just a teeny weeny bit for the time it takes me to apply the transfer.  I don't believe in over charging people just because you think you can or because other people charge more.  I also know some tutu and wreath artisans who pay a lot more for their supplies than I do.  I understand that these people have to charge more for their products to make a profit. Artists who buy their supplies through retail stores, like Michael's or Hobby Lobby are likely going to have to charge more because they are paying more for the items they need to make their products. I buy my supplies wholesale, in bulk, through reputable companies on-line so I get a much better price and I still get a quality product.
If you are looking for specific supplies and you'd like some help finding the best prices, message me and I'll tell you who I use.
I hand placed all of these rhinestones, so this t-shirt costs more than ones that I use pre-set transfers to create.
This t-shirt was a pre-set transfer so the labor cost is minimal!

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