Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Sale and Clearance Shop Section

Last week, I decided to start a shop section for clearance items.  One of the hardest parts about having an online shop is that, chances are, whatever I make to photograph won't be exactly what the majority of people want.  For example, most of the tutus I make, I make to fit Lucy first. If someone wants them bigger or smaller,  or even in a different color, I'll set up a custom order for them and make them whatever they want.  But I still have the original tutu. This is the same with rhinestone bling t-shirts.  Chances are, someone will need a different size or color, but I need to finish the shirt so I can photograph it.  So I have several items in my shop that need to find new homes.
One way to move some of these items along is to do a craft fair or some other sort of live event where people have to choose from the selection available.  I did some of these last fall but I found it was difficult to haul everything around and I did not make the kind of sales I was hoping for.  I may do this again in the fall or winter but for now I have a lot of items sitting in plastic bins in my closet that need to go away somewhere to be loved and treasured.
Thus, the "SALE and Clearance" section. The items included here are still great quality, they are just the originals I used for photos.  If you happen to need the exact same size, you can get some great deals.  For example, I just marked a t-shirt down today from the original price of $20 to $3.  That's a huge savings on a popular item.  While it's not too difficult to store a bunch of t-shirts, tutus are poofy and sometimes delicate so they are much more difficult to store.  Most of the tutus I listed in the Sale section are at least 50% off.
This is the time of year when I actually start my Christmas shopping.  I know that may sound crazy to some of you, but I have a big family and a lot of people to buy for.  I also really like taking advantage of Christmas in July sales. If you are also starting your Christmas shopping, please check out the Sales section of my shop because you will get great deals!
Here's the link: "SALE and Clearance section." Happy shopping!
This Queen of Hearts tutu was just reduced to $25--that's 50% off!

The boa bodice dress was also reduced to $25

Several rhinestone bling t-shirts were just reduced to $7, some as low as $3!

Many of the Spring Line tutus are now available for 50% off--that's $15!

This extremely popular tutu can now be purchased for only $15!

Danica Patrick inspired bling t-shirt just drastically reduced

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