Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Spring Line of Tutus Revealed!

Here they are, all 6 of the new butterfly inspired, spring tutus!  This post leads off with the two you did not get to see in the sneak peek. The first is a gorgeous, glittery pink tutu with multiple layers, featuring a tulle rose and matching butterfly.
New glittery pink spring tutu

Two layers of tulle add multiple dimensions

The removable belt features a tulle rose and butterfly

The glitter tulle elevates this tutu from play time to party time!

The second never-before-seen tutu is a deep royal blue, accented with light aqua shimmer tulle.  The matching butterfly is highlighted with gold glitter.
Royal blue and light aqua tulle create a vibrant look for your little princess

Multiple lengths add style and dimenstion

The removable braided belt is highlighted by a gorgeous blue and gold butterfly.

This is the chocolate and cream tutu, perfect for Easter or any other special occasion.
Multiple layers of chocolate brown and off-white create a chocolate and cream look.
A removable gold satin ribbon built adds detail

The butterfly is cream and gold
This tutu is sure to be the talk of any party or get together. Can be made in tween or teen sizes.
This beautiful purple and blue tutu has already been very popular since the sneak peek.  The exquisite felt rose gives a delicate look to the flowing shimmery purple and aqua blue tulle.
Sure to make your princess feel like she's ready for the ball!

The highlight of this tutu is the removable belt featuring a felt rose and glittery purple butterfly

Multiple layers of tulle add dimension and fullness
This tutu was the first one created in the New Spring Line.  Inspired by a beautiful light blue butterfly, it incorporates purple, light blue and gold

The braided removable built is a unique feature of this line of tutus.
The butterfly was a stunning inspiration for this gorgeous tutu
Shimmery tulle creates an even more elegant look for parties.
The sunflower tutu is the final piece that adds another dimension to the Spring Line.  The delicate butterfly ensures this tutu has it's place in spring and summer but the sunflower allows your little fairy to wear this tutu right up until fall Harvest.  Featuring yellow and chocolate brown tulle, satin ribbon, and another unique butterfly, this tutu will keep your little princess ready for all occasions, including spring photo shoots and pumpkin patch poses.
This chocolate colored butterfly was the inspiration for this tutu.  He is perched upon a sunflower clip which could easily be removed and placed on a headband.  

Just like the sunflower that inspired it, this tutu is full of dimension and life.

Shimmery tulle keeps this tutu vibrant and dazzling
I hope you have enjoyed viewing my new spring line of tutus. I only have 2 of each of the butterflies so while I can certainly recreate the tutus, I can only make two of each featuring these brilliant, glittery little creatures.  These tutus can be customized to fit any size princess.  They will be posted in my Etsy store today at a price of $30.  Please feel free to message me with any questions or to reserve your tutu.  I can ship next day!

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