Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Monday, February 18, 2013

Not to Swag--For Now

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Swag Bags and if anyone had ever participated in a Celebrity Swag Bag event before.  I was asked to participate in an event for the Oscar's.  I really wanted to participate and sent in my intent to do so. However, through no fault of my own or any intentional fault of the company I was working with there were some missed connections and I felt a little rushed as we closed in on the deadline so I've decided not to participate this time around. Instead, I will be submitting my items for a celebrity event for the Emmy's in September.  I will be working with the same company and I'm very excited that I have the opportunity to be involved in something like this.  I am a big television/movie buff and I just love the thought of some of my favorites potentially dressing their little ones in my designs.  In the meantime, I'm going to be working on promoting some of my tutus and other items with the same publicity company and I'm hoping to build up some more clientele through our efforts. I run a pretty small business right now and I don't foresee being able to quit my day job any time soon (not that I want to--I love my day job!) but eventually I would like to open a brick-and-mortar boutique and so I'm looking for more opportunities to build brand awareness and establishing myself as a leader in Princess-Making, if you will.
I know there are a lot of tutu shops on Etsy and other online markets.  I don't see a lot of different designs coming out of them so I think that's one area where I can say I'm different.  I'm constantly trying new things, creating new looks, such as my boas, my boa-bodice tutus, and the new tulle circle tutus.  I also think I have strengths in my customer service, the short amount of time it takes for me to complete and ship orders--even custom orders--and a solid price point.  These are the highlights of what I feel separates Glitter and Tulle Boutique from the other tutu shops. I also know that there are not a lot of other shops that sell rhinestone t-shirts and very, very few that will allow a customer to design their own t-shirt and then create it and ship to them within two weeks.  The tutu and rhinestone bling outfits I have recently put together are also a rarity and I hope that this provides customers with some new options when it comes to choosing outfits for special occasions.
I know many of you also have Etsy shops.  What sets you apart?  What are your strengths.  Where are you looking to grow?  Those of you who do not have shops, what are you looking for when it comes to choosing a shop that specializes in handmade items? How do you choose one product or item over another?
Please forgive me for going off on a bit of a tangent but this is all related because it ties in to my attempt to grow my business. If any of you have ever participated in a swag event or worked with a celebrity gifting company, I would really love to hear from you!
Yesterday, I used my new wire mannequin to photograph several of my new tutus.  She was such a breeze to work with!  She stood still, she let me change her without chasing her around, and none of her pictures are blurry!  Again, this is not the Spring line, kind of a precursor, but I am really happy with how the tutus and shirts I made this weekend turned out.  I think this one is my new fav! I wasn't sure how the mossy green would look with the fuchsia but it turned out very unique and pretty.  What do you think?
Fuchsia and mossy green tutu?  Yes, please!

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