Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Thursday, February 21, 2013

ArtFire Tips, Anyone? Anyone?

I'm not exactly sure what's up with my ArtFire store.  I have done (IMO) very well on Etsy in the short amount of time my store has been open--better than I had expected anyway.  On ArtFire, however, every time I log in, I can hear the proverbial crickets chirping and see dust-bunnies blowing down the aisles of my make-believe shop.  What is the deal?
And it's not for lack of views, either. I have a ton of people checking out my stuff on ArtFire. For example, my teen/tween Rock 'n'Roll Tutu has 992 views all by itself.  So people are coming, they're seeing the exact same items as in my Etsy shop--but they aren't buying anything.  Why do you think that is??
The extremely popular Rock 'n' Roll teen/tween tutu

Is it because I don't have any sales yet so people are leery? Is it because people don't think of ArtFire as a place to buy tutus?  Those of you who have been successful on ArtFire, what do you contribute your success to?
If any of you are considering purchasing an item from my shop, would you maybe go to ArtFire and purchasing it there instead of Etsy--just to get the ball rolling??
I've even considered closing my ArtFire shop but I do have so many views and I know google-search likes that so I keep it open for that reason as well.
Okay--end of frustration-posting!  Something better tomorrow, I promise!

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