Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Candy Cane? Why not?

Quick:  What are the colors of a standard candy cane?  If you said "red and white" you are correct and you are the winner of . . . . absolutely nothing!
Here's another easy one!  Name two of the three colors that we associate with Valentine's Day!  If you said "red and white" you are correct again!  But you still didn't win anything.  (We would have also accepted "pink and white" or "red and pink" but that's not important.)
So. . . if you are one of the many people that absolutely love the Red and White Candy Cane tutu, why not make it a Valentine's Day tutu instead? 
Imma is saying, "Come on friends!  It's Valentine's Day!  Check-out my gorgeous tutu!"
The tutu in the picture has 8 layers of high quality tulle in red and white.  It has an elastic waist that fits both my five year old and my 17 year old sister, not kidding.  It's over 2 feet long, flowing and gorgeous.  This one does have candy cane embellishments but I designed the skirt so that the candy cane decorations come off so that you can wash the skirt without having to worry about the plastic, round candy cane's getting damaged.  
Her shirt says "Joy."  Why is she so happy?  Because it's Valentine's Day, of course!
Add a rhinestone t-shirt with a heart or "Love" (Or even, "My mommy loves me!" Remember, I can put anything on a t-shirt in bling now!) and you've got yourself a gorgeous little girl all ready to party!  
In fact any of my red and white Christmas tutus can easily be converted to Valentine's Day fashion.
It looks like Christmas but it's really Valentine's Day!
And--I am actually running a special through Sunday January 13th.  25% off all tutus if you order through ArtFire! That's quite a deal! It's even applicable on custom orders.  Just enter coupon code FACEBOOK2013 at check-out.  Please like us on Facebook and then head on over to ArtFire and check out what 25% off looks like.  My least expensive tutu is $6 before the discount.  That means they are $4.50 after the discount!
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  1. what a gorgeous tutu! and how fun!! a little girls dream!!!
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