Cinderella Tutu

Cinderella Tutu

Monday, April 1, 2013

Shimmery New Pixie Tutu!

I've been thinking about this tutu for weeks but this was my first chance to make it!  I got red and black shimmer tulle in December and thought it would look really cool together.  Red and black are also my high school's colors (Go Tigers!) and the colors of a lot of sports teams so this would be great for a little cheerleader.
New pixie tutu with shimmer tulle!

I doubled-up a red piece and a black piece when I tied the tulle on so that it is super full and cute.  It doesn't look lie a layer of red/a layer of black because it isn't.

A red satin bow finishes the look
The shimmer tulle just adds another dimension of elegance. I love working with it!
Close-up of the shimmer tulle.
At $12, this is an extremely affordable way to dress-up your little lady for the next big event.  I can make it in any color combination. Just message me for details!  I also offer the pixie tutu in non-shimmer tulle (regular tulle!) for $8 or glitter tulle for $12.
What do you think?

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